The Cupsmith Roastery

The Cupsmith roastery is normally open every Friday morning for coffee but is now closed to visitors until early Spring 2019. This is simply because the roastery isn't heated and so it's very brrrrrrrrr in the winter months! However, if you'd like to pop in to pick up an order, do give us a bell on 01252 712630 and we'll be delighted to see you. 


The Cupsmith Roastery is in a lovely oak barn in the middle of the countryside, just outside the Georgian town of Farnham and an hour from London.

cupsmith coffee outdoors

We have our roasting area, a cafe area* for sampling coffee and a sales area where you can buy our coffee, tea and drinking chocolate.

cupsmith roastery wall

At the heart of our business is our top-of-the-range roasting machine. Manufactured in the US, our Diedrich roaster took 5 months to be hand-built and shipped to the UK, and it weighs in at a fairly substantial half a tonne. 

Cupsmith diedrich coffee roaster

Most days we fire up the roaster and George meticulously roasts the green beans we've sourced from carefully selected farms and producers. Each roast is tasted to ensure that our coffee is absolutely consistent - and of course consistently delicious! - and then George makes up the four unique Cupsmith blends.

The roastery is open every Friday 10am - 12.30pm. If you would like to pop by to pick up an order at a different time, please call us on 01252 712630 to arrange that.

Cupsmith coffee beans

visiting the cupsmith roastery