What makes Cupsmith and our drinks different?

Without wanting to blow our own trumpets, we think we're pretty different to most of the other drinks businesses out there, and here's why: 
- We make everything ourselves at our Cupsmith factory and roastery in the UK 
- We design and produce the full range of hot drinks - freshly roasted coffees, organic teas and handmade hot chocolate
- We use the very best speciality coffee beans* for our coffees, organic teas and single origin chocolate - in other words only the very best 
- our packaging is environmentally friendly - that means our tea pyramids are 100% plastic free and home compostable, any bags we use are home compostable, and our boxes are fully recyclable. We also draw and paint all our own packaging designs!

 - We want you to love your daily coffee or tea, so if you’re not 100% delighted with yours give us a call and we’ll do all we can to make it right

 - We’re the antidote to fast paced, modern day living (coffee to take away makes us shudder). For us a cup of Cupsmith coffee or tea is about sitting down and enjoying a few moments of happiness each day

 - We’re a modern company with thoroughly old fashioned values - expect great service, honesty, integrity and we'll only ever give you something we’d be delighted with ourselves
So that's why we think we're a little bit different.
*that means they're in the top 10% of coffees in the world!