Cupsmith's fabulous filter machine

We have searched long and hard for the perfect filter machine. Why? Because we think filter coffee is absolutely delicious when made really well and it’s the perfect way to make coffee at home every day. So we’ve hunted down a brilliant machine, the Moccamaster KBG741-AO, that not only makes fabulous coffee and is given the highest accolades by the experts, it also comes in 15 gorgeous colours so you can find the perfect match for your kitchen..

Why use a filter machine?

We love a filter machine because it makes clean-tasting, velvety-smooth coffee, with none of the grouts you often get in a cup of cafetière coffee.

It’s quick, and easy to clean. This machine brews coffee in 6 minutes, which is about the same time it takes to brew a cafetière, and the cleaning up afterwards is super easy. Just pop the filter paper in the bin and you’re done – none of that swilling around trying to get the last of the grouts out of your cafetière!

Hot coffee. You can keep the coffee warm on the warming plate and pop back for another cup later (don’t worry, it won’t burn the coffee as the timer switches it off after 2 hours, and the temperature is just right in the meantime). No need to microwave a cold cup of coffee any more.

Why is this particular filter machine so good?

The Moccamaster is the best (in our humble opinion) for lots of seriously technical reasons including micro-precise brewing temperatures, water/coffee contact time, and holding temperatures (yup, we did say it was technical), and all of this adds up to the European Coffee Brewing Centre and the Speciality Coffee Association of America and Europe giving it their all-important seals of approval.

It’s a good size. This is a really neat machine at H36.0 x W33.0 x D17.0 cms, yet it still brews up to 10 cups at a time.

But for us the proof is in the tasting and after all the filter machines we tried out, we are so happy to have found one that we can recommend wholeheartedly to our customers. We personally own a turquoise Moccamaster (we toyed with a green or orange one) and we use it every morning to make our coffee!

How much does it cost?

The Moccamaster costs £245 + FREE delivery. These machines are hand-built in the Netherlands and we have them shipped to us first, so please allow 2+ weeks for delivery (we are experiencing delays due to import issues from the EU, hence longer delivery times.)

To make sure you can make the perfect cup of coffee at home as soon as your machine arrives, we’ll send you a FREE bag of Cupsmith coffee ground for your new filter machine, and a FREE pack of filter papers to get you going.

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