Organic Mr Crawford's Afternoon Tea

A delightful blend of organic Chinese tea, darjeeling and jasmine tea, with organic rose petals and bergamot oil. We've drunk this tea out of tin mugs on a remote Scottish island where it tasted divine, but it's equally lovely out of fine bone china in a drawing room!

The little pyramids allow the larger leaf tea to brew properly, ensuring you're getting the very best cup of tea, and as they're made from a plant-based material, they're also fully biodegradable.

We offer 3 different sized bags of our tea pyramids, or a lovely tin filled with them too. You can choose from:

- 15 tea pyramids (£4.25)

- 50 tea pyramids (£10.00)

- 50 tea pyramids in a TIN (£12.50) These tins make a lovely gift

- 100 tea pyramids (£18.50)

Ingredients: Chinese black and green teas, Sri Lankan black tea, Darjeeling, Chinese jasmine green tea, Chinese lapsang, rose and jasmine petals, bergamot oil.

(P.S. Don't forget to use the drop-down box to tell us which size bag or tin you would like) 

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