An easy iced tea recipe to beat the heatwave

An easy iced tea recipe to beat the heatwave

We shouldn’t complain about these balmy days of late (mustn’t grumble etc), but they do make it a bit tricky for going about one’s daily business. The roastery is quite literally roasting this week and it’s not just the coffee beans that are feeling the heat! With lots of lovely Cupsmith customers expecting deliveries in the coming days, and as a small business doing everything ourselves, George and I are scuttling across at intervals and roasting our coffee beans in batches. Let’s just say our hand-flaked hot chocolate isn’t the only thing at risk of a meltdown… 

So here’s something to help you keep your cool during the heatwave: an easy iced tea recipe that you can brew at home in five steps. No fancy equipment necessary - just a couple of your favourite Cupsmith tea pyramids, a jug, 1l of water and a fridge. Refreshingly simple. 

Step 1: Put 2-3 tea pyramids in to the jug (roughly 1litre capacity)

Step 2: Boil the kettle then pour about three fingers of hot water over the tea

Step 3: Fill the rest of the jug with cold water (filtered or from the tap) 

Step 4: Put the jug in the fridge for at least four hours (no longer than 24) 

Step 5: Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour over your homemade cold brew tea. Serve with a slice of lemon, fresh mint leaves or a dash of honey depending on the type of tea you’ve gone for. We made ours with Hedgerow Fruit Tea, a rosy infusion of rosehip, hibiscus, blackberry, raspberry and apple. 

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Enjoy! x

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