Freshly roasted speciality coffee

Our range of speciality coffees are roasted slower (and lighter) and in small batches. Once you've drunk our freshly roasted coffee we don't think you'll want to go back to the lower grade, massive-batch, dark roasted, commercial stuff!

Why do we use speciality beans? For two reasons:

Firstly, it's the best-tasting coffee. Only a fraction of the beans grown in the world meet the rigorous grading process that means they can be called 'speciality' - a process carried out by serious experts. We roast the beans slowly and in small batches to bring out their unique flavours and aromas - this makes a HUGE difference to the taste of your cup of coffee.

Secondly but equally importantly, farmers are paid significantly more for their crops, and the industry and supply chain is transparent - speciality beans are better than fairtrade.