Our Range

Discover our range of coffees, teas and hot chocolates made from the finest ingredients. Designed to be savoured sitting down, watching the clouds go by.

Our satisfying range of speciality coffees are roasted slower (and often lighter) and in small batches. We use speciality coffee beans because they are the best quality and most expensive coffee beans in the world, and as a result they make the best-tasting coffee.

Speciality coffee undergoes a rigorous grading process to ensure its quality. Not only this, but using these beans means that farmers are paid significantly more for their crops, and the industry & supply chain is transparent.

Our brilliant range of speciality teas and herbal & fruit infusions are made from the finest organic ingredients. Made with larger leaves & biodegradable pyramid teabags to deliver maximum flavour, we blend our teas in-house to ensure the best-tasting speciality teas and fruit & herbal infusions.

We are passionate about using organic ingredients in our teas for many reasons including helping support biodiversity & wildlife and combatting climate change. But using organic ingredients also ensures that you are enjoying the highest quality tea possible.

Our magnificent range of luscious hot chocolates are made from the finest single-origin Colombian chocolate. Our unique recipes and processes are a real labour of love and it takes us several days to make and flake our hot chocolate by hand! We only use high percentage cocoa for a more sophisticated taste and less sugar.

Our hot chocolate is 100% slave free. We buy directly from farmers & growers with a full ‘farm-to-bar’ supply chain, this means we know who grows our chocolate and what they get paid.