First Sip Bliss

What does First Sip Bliss mean?

We believe in ‘First Sip Bliss’, that moment when you take the first sip of your drink and say ‘ahhhh’. We strive for First Sip Bliss in every cup and we test every drink we make for it.

It’s why we roast our speciality coffee slowly and in small batches to bring out the very best flavours of these world-leading coffee beans, and then blend them meticulously to create truly satisfying cups of coffee. It’s why we make and hand flake single-origin Colombian chocolate to create velvety and delicious hot chocolates. AND it’s why we hand select organic speciality large tea leaves and pop them in compostable pyramid tea bags to ensure you get a brilliant cup of tea every time.

We source the best ingredients every time
We make everything in small batches and by hand ourselves
We obsessively taste and test for First Sip Bliss

It's really that simple!

How to make our coffee

Using a Cafetiere

A cafetiere or french press is the classic way to make a really good cup of coffee. But there are a few ways to make sure it's spot on!

Grind your beans or use our ground coffee, which is specially ground for this way of making coffee.

You'll need 1 tbsp or 7g of ground coffee and 125ml of water per cup. So first up, pop the right amount of coffee in your cafetiere.

Then boil the kettle and slowly pour the boiled water over the coffee, making sure all the coffee grounds are covered. Now stir - this really does make a difference! Just a few stirs will do.

Put the lid on the cafetiere and wait for 4 minutes. Don't rush this bit, being a bit patient will make ALL the difference. All the coffee grounds are now brewing deliciously in this time and sinking slowly towards the bottom. After waiting, plunge & pour! (If it's hard to push the plunger down, you've tried too early. Don't force down the plunger, just let it brew a bit longer so more of those grounds sink to the bottom).

Now sit down, pause and enjoy your perfectly made Cupsmith coffee, watching the clouds go by!

Using an Espresso Machine

Measure & grind 13-20g of espresso beans, add to machine portafilter & tamp. Run machine for espresso shot. Top with steamed milk, hot water or enjoy as it is!

Using a Filter Machine

Fold your filter paper to lie flat in the basket. It’s 1 tbsp or 7g of ground coffee and 125ml of water per cup. Place coffee in the paper filter inside the basket. Place the basket in position on the machine. Fill your water reservoir with water and turn on your machine & wait for it to brew!

How to make our hot chocolate

Chocolate Flakes

Works brilliantly in a milk frother or hot chocolate maker. Otherwise… Heat 200ml of dairy or plant-based milk in a saucepan. Add 1-2 heaped tbsp of chocolate flakes per cup. Continue heating & stirring until chocolate has melted. Pour into your cup & enjoy! Fancy it a bit more chocolatey? Be even more generous with the flakes.

Hot Chocolate Spoonful

Warm a mug's worth of milk in a pan, when warmed pour into a mug. Pop the spoonful into your mug & stir slowly.

How to make our tea

Tea Pyramids

Infuse the tea pyramid in hot water for 3-4 minutes.

Add milk if desired.