Iced coffee, the Cupsmith way

Iced coffee, the Cupsmith way

With summer on its way (she says, typing this with the rain beating down on the window outside...oh England we love you), we’re bringing you our recipe for iced coffee, the Cupsmith way*.

iced coffee from cupsmith

There’s a lot of hype and science around iced coffee and what people now call ‘cold brew’. We won’t go into all the technical detail as we just want to make sure you have a delicious glass of iced coffee, not a doctorate in chemistry along the way, but suffice to say what we’re making is ‘cold brew’ like all the rest, but we’ve simplified it right down.

What is ‘cold brew’? Well it’s what we many of us think of as iced coffee but is in fact made using cold water rather than the old way of making hot coffee and cooling it down. With us?! The reason for making it with cold water is because it gives a better, naturally sweeter (less acidic) flavour, it lasts up to 2 weeks in the fridge and it’s a smoother, lovelier drink. 

We suggest making a batch and storing it in a Kilner bottle in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, though ours tends to be drunk in one go.

So, here’s what to do based on using an 8 person cafetiere as this is what most of our customers have (if you don’t, ping us an email to and we’ll help you work out the best way using whatever you already have at home):

You’ll need your coffee to be more coarsely ground than usual, so when you order your Cupsmith coffee use the pull down menu and choose ‘ground for iced coffee’. All our coffees make delicious iced coffee, and our decaff is really good for it, perfect for afternoon drinking when you don’t always want the caffeine
Add 6 tablespoons of ground coffee to your cafetiere
    Fill the cafetiere up with cold water (to top line of the handle) and leave it to steep at room temperature overnight or for at least 12 hours
    Plunge away, and we recommend pouring into a bottle or jug for storage, making sure you don’t pour any extra coffee grounds in
      Serve over ice and add milk and sugar to taste. Deckchair, straw hat and a good book essential (or an umbrella if this rain keeps up)

        Cupsmith iced coffee in the garden

        Fancy something even more delicious? Try floating a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the top of your iced coffee!

        Cupsmith iced coffee with ice cream

        Any questions, pop us an email to And we’d love to hear of your iced coffee successes, particularly adding different flavours of ice cream to the top, or cream, or even alcohol!



         * What is 'the Cupsmith way'? Well it's our mission to make things as easy as possible for you. We ditch the science, the technical speak and the jargon to bring you the simplest way to make the very best cup of coffee at home every day.


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