It's all change at Cupsmith!

It's all change at Cupsmith!

We're really, really happy to be launching our new brand and new products.

After 6 years of creating and making our range of coffees, hot chocolates and teas we knew we needed to change the way we do things to keep us fit for the next decade. So, we've edited our previously huge range down to our absolute best-sellers, and the products we're most proud of - and that taste the best too! And we're building on these with exciting new launches.

We used to offer our speciality coffees in many different sizes but this number of size options just wasn't a sustainable way to do things - and talking of sustainable, that's also been a key reason for our changes. Rather than brown bags that actually have layers of stuff (aluminium foils, plastics) in them that's not recyclable but just lurks in landfill for years, we've switched our bags to recyclable ones. Yes these bags are made of plastic but the super important point is that it's recyclable plastic. We'd love to do away with plastic completely but sadly your coffee won't stay fresh, but rest assured we're keeping a close eye on new materials that come to market so we can switch up as soon as we see something better.

We've also put these recyclable coffee bags into recyclable boxes, so that they stand up easily on kitchen shelves, and you can pop a clothes peg on the bag to keep your coffee fresh. (Our coffees are still absolutely speciality grade coffees - in other words the top quality coffees in the world!)

cupsmith coffees

Our range of hot chocolates is still up there in terms of the highest quality taste and eco credentials on the market. We use amazing quality, 70% cocoa (that means much less sugar than the commercial stuff) and we pack your hot chocolate in bags made of plant-based materials which naturally compost. We pop this bag in a recyclable box, made of sustainable card.

cupsmith hot chocolate

Our teas will switch into our stripey new packaging soon too. We just need to have a little lie down and cuppa before we do that. More soon!


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