New year, fresh start, drink more water

New year, fresh start, drink more water

Like everyone, we're tentatively hoping that this year will see us all moving on from days dominated by lateral flow testing, weeks fixated on covid stats and months of gloomy news. Everything is pointing in a much more hopeful, brighter direction so perhaps we're all ok to be quietly optimistic?!

With the fresh new year comes the desire to look after ourselves a bit better and 'drink more water' features in virtually every bit of health-related press coverage at the moment! If you find drinking litres of water a struggle, one of the great ways to keep up your fluid intake is to drink a couple of herbal teas every day. Two good sized mugfuls of delicious herbal teas each day will easily tick off nearly half the suggested daily water intake (1.6 - 2 litres per day).

Cupsmith organic garden mint tea

The other good news is that with many of our organic herbal teas you can drink one mugful, then top up again with hot water - so you're only using one pyramid each time. Our Organic Garden Mint, Organic Calm Days and Organic Hedgerow Tea work really well for this double dose! 

Cupsmith Organic Hedgerow Tea

Enjoy the start to the year, drink lots of water and remember to drink sitting down, watching the clouds go by.

Emme & George



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