'Upwilding' at Cupsmith

Posted on March 10, 2019 by George Crawford | 0 comments

We spent the day yesterday starting our 'upwilding' project, making changes to improve our 5 acre site to attract more wildlife. First up was our Cupsmith wildlife hotel and sanctuary, which we built using old pallets (all our coffee is delivered on pallets, so it's great to reuse them), old bricks, rotten wood and corrugated cardboard.

Cupsmith wildlife hotel and sanctuary

We're really pleased with it and everyone loved making it! If we can all make a BIT of a difference in our gardens, we can all make a HUGE difference to wildlife across the country. 

Cupsmith wildlife hotel

If you live locally and fancy building a wildlife hotel in your garden, do get in touch as we have lots more pallets and we'd be so happy to donate them to you. The more wildlife hotels we can build the better! 

Cupsmith wildlife hotel

sign for Cupsmith wildlife hotel

Cupsmith wildlife hotel

It was a real family affair and brilliant to get everyone outside and help our British wildlife.

Cupsmith wildlife hotel

More soon about the next part of our upwilding project.

George and Emma




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