“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking,” wrote Nietzsche.

We try to go for a walk every day and luckily for us Cupsmith HQ is surrounded by lovely fields and woods. Having moved from London four years ago, one of the things we love most about living and walking in the countryside is really noticing the seasons and their changes. We have a huge old oak tree that dominates the coffee roastery where we work each day, and watching the tree spring to life each March, flourish throughout the summer months and then quietly change into its glorious autumn colours before sleeping again in winter is wonderful.

Oak tree at Cupsmith

Walks have also become an important way of making business decisions for us, particularly if we’re feeling stuck with something. A ramble over the fields can really clear the mind and this space in turn allows for clearer thinking. Many a Cupsmith quandary has been solved wearing wellies, stamping across the fields!

The other reason we love walking is for that blissful moment when you come back, take off your wellies and sit down for a cup of coffee or mug of tea. It’s one of our favourite moments of calm. (Homemade biscuits optional, but highly recommended).

Cupsmith walking and a cup of coffee

So this year we’re going to be celebrating walking. Personally, we’re going to be doing much more of it, and we hope we can all share our love of walking, favourite places to go, and ideas for getting outdoors and having fun.

This was a glorious walk we had last week along the river in Greywell, Hampshire (and as it was lunchtime we ended it with lunch in a lovely pub. Of course.)

walking in hampshire

And now, off for today's walk…..#cupsmithwalks

 Cupsmith x


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