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Cupsmith Speciality Decaf Coffee - beans & ground

Cupsmith Speciality Decaf Coffee - beans & ground

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Our tasty & flavoursome cup. Naturally decaffeinated.

We use only the very best speciality coffee beans, roast them slowly and in small batches, and create unique blends that really hit the taste spot. For us, that first taste of coffee is everything - that moment you sit, sip and say 'ahhhhhhh'. That's what we call First Sip Bliss and it needs to be in every cup we make ❤️

Whole beans or ground coffee for cafetiere & filter. Hand-roasted slowly and lightly in small batches for incredible taste. Crafted, blended, roasted & packed by us, Emma & George in Devon, UK.


100% arabica coffee.

How to make

Coffee Beans: Our Decaf Coffee is perfect to use in a cafetiere, filter or espresso machine. Just grind your beans accordingly and enjoy!

Ground Coffee: It’s 1 tbsp or 7g of coffee and 125ml of water per cup. Boil the kettle. Add coffee to your cafetiere. Pour in boiled water. Stir well. Pop on lid & wait 4 minutes. Plunge & pour!

Packaging & sourcing

Plastic bag - recyclable with bags at large supermarkets.

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