Dippenhall Decaff

So many decaffeinated coffees are a big disappointment when it comes to flavour, so we've worked long and hard to create a coffee that has all the flavour but none of the caffeine. And we've named our caffeine-free masterpiece after the village where Cupsmith and our lovely roastery resides.

This coffee is decaffeinated using a 100% natural process - so no nasty chemicals!

Best served: joy of joys, you can drink this one after dinner and not be left sitting bolt upright in bed all night. Or you can drink throughout the day - we've made sure it's good both with or without milk.

Available in 227g, 454g and 1kg bags.

NEW! 1 kg bags of coffee beans. Enjoy our new 1kg bags of coffee and save money, save packaging and enjoy more coffee! Just pop a clothes peg or clip on your bag to keep your beans fresh.


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