3 things for the perfect milkshake!

This gorgeously hot weather has got us making milkshakes, and without boasting (when someone says that you always know they're about to boast their socks off, right?!) we think we've come up with the most delicious one.

Cupsmith milkshake with Yeo Valley iec cream

Only 3 ingredients needed:

Yeo Valley milk and Yeo Valley ice cream Cupsmith hot chocolate

1) Full fat milk - we always use Yeo Valley's milk because it's delicious, they're our friends and we love what they stand for  

2) Vanilla ice cream - again we use Yeo Valley Vanilla Ice Cream and always their double cream ice cream as it's the real thing and not full of nonsense

3) our Truly Magnificent Hot Chocolate 


Gently warm about 100ml of milk in a pan. Add 1-1.5 tablespoons of hot chocolate flakes ot the milk and whisk until it's melted. Take off the heat and leave to cool. 

Pour into a glass, top up with cold milk and finally add a large dollop on top (the Cupsmith definition of 'dollop' is 'as much as you can cram onto your icecream scoop and more'!). Enjoy!

Pop into your nearest Waitrose for our Truly Magnificent Hot Chocolate and Yeo Valley's Whole Milk and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Cupsmith and Yeo Valley milkshake


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