Call us old fashioned...

We’re a family with a passion for the finer drinks in life, and pottering. From a cup of morning coffee that makes your soul sing, or a delightfully refreshing afternoon cup of tea that puts a gentle spring in your step, to a mug-huggingly hot chocolate made from the very finest single origin chocolate.

Shunning the relentless, nerve-frazzling speed of modern day life for one that harks back to a slower, meandering pace, we think enjoying a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate is the perfect moment every day to sit and let life slow down.

Our range of freshly roasted coffees - which we roast daily in our lovely roastery hidden away in the countryside of Surrey - our range of finest leaf teas in pyramids, and our luxury hot chocolates, is deliberately small. In a world where our choices are headache-inducingly huge, we’ve done the work to bring you only what we think are the very best drinks to enjoy every day.

Happy drinking, and join us as we rush less, meander more.

George and Emma

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George and Emma Crawford and Austin Delivery Van