Cooling drinks for hot days - Cupsmith's Iced Tea

Cooling drinks for hot days - Cupsmith's Iced Tea

We're sure you're loving these summer days as much as we are, and we're certainly loving switching from hot drinks to long, cold drinks. So we're going to share our much-used recipes for iced teas, iced coffee and iced hot chocolate.

First up, iced tea.

We use our favourite organic, caffeine-free teas from our range - either Hedgerow Tea, Garden Mint or Calm Days. Make this first thing in the morning for a day filled with cooling loveliness!

- Using quite a big jug and 2 of our organic tea pyramids, pour over just-off-the-boil water.

- Leave the filled jug to cool to room temperature. When cooled, remove the tea pyramids (remember they're home compostable so throw them on a compost heap if you can)

- Pop the jug in the fridge and leave for a few hours

- serve chilled, poured over ice, with slices of cucumber (DELICIOUS in our Garden Mint Tea), fresh mint leaves in the Hedgerow Tea, and a slice of lemon in Calm Days.

Sip and feel refreshed!



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