Cupsmith's new hot chocolate!

Cupsmith's new hot chocolate!

We're really pleased to launch our new and very delicious, single origin hot chocolate, our Truly Magnificent Milk Hot Chocolate!

This time we're bringing a milk hot chocolate to your kitchen table. It's still a single origin Colombian chocolate, but it's a bit sweeter and creamier than our dark hot chocolate.

Cupsmith Truly Magnificent Milk Hot Chocolate


The eco-friendly, fully recyclable box shows a little shed in a garden, the flower beds full of blooming dahlias. The open door leads to a wooden table with a freshly made sponge cake and a mug of hot chocolate. We think that would be a pretty perfect spot for a hot chocolate, what do you think? Emma has illustrated and painted all the box designs herself, with each one reflecting a love of home and all things 'kitchen'.

The bag inside the box is made of plant-based materials and so is fully home compostable. There is no plastic used!

Pop some hot chocolate in your basket here, and as you enjoy a mugful at home, rest a while and watch the clouds go by.



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