Finding those moments of calm...and FREE tea!

Finding those moments of calm...and FREE tea!

It seems that more now than ever we all need to find our havens of peace and calm, whether these are physical spaces or mental ones.

My little corner of peace has recently been a silversmithing course I've been doing. Each Wednesday evening I sit in a lovely old studio with views across the Surrey hills, tapping away with bits of silver, setting tiny gemstones and learning to patiently polish the pieces until they gleam. This connection with creativity brings a great sense of personal peace and calm as I step away from our too-busy world and spend two hours doing something I love (even if I'm not very good at it as you'll see from my first results below!).

Handmade silver rings by Cupsmith

It was about 6 months ago that we created and launched our Calm Days tea, a delicious blend of soothing camomile, lemon balm and just a touch of lavender. I wanted to create a tea that reflected my belief that we should all find those little moments of calm in the day that mean we rush less, meander more. 

Cupsmith's Calm Days tea

Whether it's taking time out to read book quietly, drawing, painting, cooking for pleasure, meditating or just sitting quietly with a cup of tea, if we can all bring a little more peace and calm into our lives, who knows the health benefits we'll reap and the impact it will have on those around us and the wider world?

How or where do you find your moments of calm? And can we help you find another one each day by giving you a FREE bag of our Calm Days tea worth £4.25? If you place an order for over £25 before July 2nd, we'll pop in a full size bag of our Calm Days finest leaf tea pyramids when we send your order to you. Click here to fill your basket...

Cupsmith Calm Days tea

Here's to a few more moments of calm each day.




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