The perfect coffee and cup of tea moment

The perfect coffee and cup of tea moment

Nothing beats that first cup of coffee in the morning at the kitchen table...except maybe that first cup of tea in the afternoon. Both are favourite moments of our day, and it’s why we set up Cupsmith – to make sure that however or whenever you drink your coffee or tea, you know that if you’re drinking Cupsmith you’re enjoying the very best, most delicious cup and all of it made by us, here in the UK.

Cupsmith tea and coffee and croissant

There are a few things that make those tea and coffee moments extra special for us. 

For Emma, each afternoon it’s a teacup and saucer that makes the perfect cup of tea moment. She loves blue and white Willow pattern.

Willow pattern cup and saucer


And for her cappuccino each morning, it’s always a stripey cup and saucer from favourite brand Cornishware. Their 12oz cups are the perfect size and we always use them in our roastery.

Cornishware cup and saucer with Cupsmith cappuccino

George drinks filter coffee every morning, generally Mr Crawford’s Coffee. He loves any of the handmade pottery mugs we’ve bought from local potters and ceramicists. For tea in the afternoon, George loves our Organic Afternoon Tea or Organic Green Tea.

Cupsmith Mr Crawfords freshly roasted coffee and mug

 Things we love with coffee:

  • Croissant or toast and marmalade
  • Sitting at the sunny kitchen table
  • Birdsong 

Things we love with tea:

  • A slice of homemade cake
  • A classic biscuit if there’s no cake!
  • Scone and jam (always homemade scones, they’re super easy and totally delicious)
  • Sitting in the garden, under our willow tree in summer

 Cupsmith afternoon tea and biscuits

What makes your cup of coffee or tea extra special?

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