More cocoa, less sugar and fats

More cocoa, less sugar and fats

Someone recently moaned to us 'your dark hot chocolate isn't sweet enough for me'. The key point here was 'for me'. It's not that it's not sweet enough, it's that it's sometimes not sweet enough for people who love Dairy Milk bars and Options hot chocolate! Their taste buds have become VERY used to high quantities of sugar so anything with less sugar leaves them very dissatisfied.

It's not news that the confectionary industry spends billions of pounds researching, creating and selling chocolate that is the 'perfect' balance of sweetness and fat, which in turns makes it highly moreish and addictive. A Dairy Milk bar is made up of 20% sugar, 20% milk, 20% cocoa solids and the rest is fats, oils and emulsifiers. So arguably it's not really a chocolate bar at all, it's a sugar-fat bar with chocolate. 

We're not judging what chocolate people do and don't like to eat. All we're saying is remember your taste buds change according to how much sugar you eat. If you start to choose chocolate that has more cocoa than sugar/fat in it, you're actually eating predominantly chocolate, and you'll also find your tastebuds start to change. You'll soon find Dairy Milk too sweet!  

cup of hot chocolate

Our Truly Magnificent Hot Chocolate contains 70%+ cocoa solids. That's a lot of chocolate, and a lot less sugar. If you make it with dairy milk it will give you any extra natural sweetness you might want, and we recommend making it strong. And high quality, high cocoa chocolate has well-documented health benefits. So why not relax and enjoy a really delicious rich cup of hot chocolate during these chilly winter days?



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