New organic teas!

New organic teas!

We've hunted high and low for the best organic teas that we can use to create our Earl Grey, Breakfast and Afternoon teas, and now we've found them! All three are organic, and better still, you can pick them up in Waitrose or buy directly from our website. Click here to shop our teas.

Made from plant based material, our tea pyramids are biodegradable and they allow the large leaves of the tea to circulate properly, so you can enjoy the very best cup of tea at home every day.

Cupsmith tea pyramids

Just remember that to enjoy the very best cup of tea, pop a tea pyramid in your mug or cup, pour on freshly boiled water and then - this is the key bit - allow your tea to steep for at least 3-5 minutes. The larger leaves need a longer brew time but it's so worth the extra couple of minutes to get the very best taste from the leaves.

Then sit and enjoy your cup of tea at the kitchen table reading a book, looking out of the window, writing, humming....just take some time out from our all too busy lives to drink tea and let your mind rest easy...



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