Truly Magnificent Hot Chocolate with Orange

This is a truly delicious cup of hot chocolate.

We've taken our classically rich and dark single origin Colombian chocolate and added a delightfully light touch of orange blossom. It's a dark, rich cup of chocolate with a hint of floral orange blossom. (As an aside, orange blossom is different to orange, it's a more floral note rather than classic citrus flavour. Very pretty and totally delicious!) 

To create our Truly Magnificent Hot Chocolate we handmake whole bars of chocolate and flake them by hand so your chocolate melts perfectly in a pan of hot milk. And it's equally delicious made with non-dairy milks..

What's in it? The very finest Colombian dark chocolate flakes. Ingredients: cocoa mass (60%), sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavour and natural orange blossom oil.  

Available in 240g bags and 500g gift tins for a really lovely present.


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