Have a happy Cupsmith Christmas

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If you're starting to gently think about Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest, could we be so bold as to mention our Cupsmith Christmas Gift Pack? 

Cupsmith Christmas gift pack

We'll package up a lovely boxful of our Breakfast Coffee, Afternoon Reviver and Dippenhall Decaff, pop in a note from you, fold in some gloriously crispy tissue paper and some other lovely bits and bobs, and send it on its way by post, saving you the bother of shopping, wrapping and queueing up at the post office for hours.

Each Christmas Gift Box is £16.50 plus £3 postage & packing, and all the other lovely bits are with love from Cupsmith. 

To ensure that all coffee is the freshest ever, we'll be sending all Christmas orders out between Monday 14th and Wednesday 16th December. So please send your orders to us by then. If you'd like us to send your order before that, we'll be delighted to. Just give us a call on 01252 712630 or drop Emma an email at 

Click here to order your Christmas Gift Box.

The simple Cupsmith way to make a great cup of coffee - using your cafetière

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The coffee world tends to get terribly technical and complicated when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. In fact there are worldwide competitions to find the expert who can make the best cup of coffee using a french press, an aeropress, a V60 filter and a huge array of other coffee equipment that most of us have never heard of. But that's not the Cupsmith way of doing things. As much as we respect this level of coffee making, for us it's about drinking really brilliant coffee at home every day, and making it using things like a good old cafetiere. So we're stripped back all the technical stuff to bring to you what we think is the easiest and best way to make your coffee at home. Let us know what you think.  
illustration of a cafetiere of coffee

Boil the kettle.

Pop 4 heaped tablespoons of coffee into your cafetière.

Fill the cafetière with water. Stir.

Leave for 2 minutes (whistling nonchalently as you wait).

Stir again & put the lid on.

Wait 2 minutes (practising some stretches, stroking the dog...)

Plunge away and enjoy!
pouring a cafetiere of coffee

Team Cupsmith

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We found the one of the youngest members of Team Cupsmith hiding away in the roastery, having clambered up onto the bags of green coffee beans to sit in the sunshine. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to snap a pic of him.


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