Open roastery!

Posted on March 02, 2016 by George Crawford | 1 comment

Fancy coming to see us for a cup of coffee? From this weekend our Cupsmith coffee roastery will generally be open on the first Saturday of every month between 9.30am and 11am (please see list of dates below for exceptions). 

Come and join us for a cup of coffee, to watch some coffee roasting in action and stock up on freshly roasted beans.

Cupsmith coffee roastery

The next open mornings will be: 

Saturday 5th March, 9.30am-11am


Saturday 7th May, 9.30am-11am

Saturday 4th June, 9.30am-11am

Saturday 2nd July, 9.30am-11am

Saturday 6th August, 9.30am-11am

If you don't know where we are and would like precise directions, pop us an email to 

We look forward to seeing you on a Saturday morning soon!


New gift boxes

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We're delighted to have teamed up with the ever-stylish Thornback & Peel to offer some really lovely gift boxes.

Cupsmith and Thornback & Peel gift box

Our gift boxes literally flew off the shelves at Christmas and we've had some wonderful feedback from people who received them as presents. So we've decided to launch some new ones, perfect for Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Easter and birthdays. Or just to say 'thankyou'. 

Have a peek at our selection here and if you don't find quite what you're after, get in touch and we'll tailor make a box for you.


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We wanted to say a huge and hearfelt thankyou to all our customers during the past month. With all your support you have helped us launch Cupsmith in a way we could only have dreamed of. It has been the busiest month of our lives, and thanks to you all we now look forward to 2016 with much excitement. Thankyou for joining us on this journey, and may it be a deliciously coffee-filled one!

father christmas at cupsmith

So now it's time for rest, relaxation and enjoying the time with our children. We will be re-opening on Monday 4th January, so any orders placed between now and then will be roasted and posted on January 4th.

Wishing every happiness to you all for a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year (although we do sound a trifle like the Queen saying that...).

Love from us all at Cupsmith


Top 5 Christmas presents for food lovers

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Scratching your head for Christmas present ideas? We’ve come up with our top 5 favourite presents for foodies.

Demijohn deliciousness

Demijohn liquid deli

Demijohn describe themselves as a liquid deli for British handmade drinks. but we think they're this and so much more. They cleverly sniff out and bring together a hard-to-find group of small, artisanal British producers who are making some of the best liqueurs, whiskies, wines, spirits, olive oils and vinegars around the UK. Demijohn sell these through their glorious shops - think Harry Potter apothecary, meets French wine 'cave' and deli, and comes together in a seriously cool and refreshingly unique shopping experience. They also do a brilliant mail order job, so we're putting in an order for their Vodka Rack, including organic rhubarb vodka liqueur from Inverness, and organic elderflower vodka liqueur from Somerset. That should make Christmas go with a swing (and a slur). Hic. 

Best jelly babies in the world*

Jello Babes from Rococo Chocolates

We were sent a bag of these Jello Babes for Christmas last year and have our fingers firmly crossed we receive them again! These babies are fruity and tangy without being teeth-janglingly sweet. By far and away the best jelly babies out there. We urge you to try them, and send them to all your sweet-toothed relatives too. Confectionary heaven. (And because they are by Rococo Chocolates the packaging is glorious too). 

*in our humble opinion

Tasty truffles

Tartufaia truffles borough market

Named after the Italian word for a woodland in which truffles are found, Tartufaia Truffles imports the famous and much sought-after fresh truffles of Acqualagna, in the Marche region of Italy. Founded by and run by Mario Prati, the company also sells a wide range of delicious truffle-based products including white truffle oil and truffle honey, all made purely from natural ingredients, with no artificial flavourings. Based at the food mecca of Borough Market in London, we've snaffled up their jars of summer truffles in oil for the sophisticated foodies in our family.

Bacon by post

Sounds crazy but a packet of bacon fits perfectly through the letterbox and this farm in Suffolk will send you the most delicious rashers weekly, monthly or more. These are pigs that have had a jolly good life rummaging around outdoors as all good pigs should, and their bacon is then cured using traditional methods. We’ve only tried their delicious and slightly sweet flavoured Bourbon bacon so far, but we’ve got our noses set on their Thai bacon next. Their monthly £5.95 a month subscription would make a tasty present for someone who loves a decent rasher on a Sunday morning.

Cupsmith’s Christmas coffee box

Cupsmith christmas gift box

And lastly....we apologise for plugging our own coffee here, and we don’t want to be big-headed, but we do think a Christmas boxful of our freshly roasted coffee can be a rather lovely present, particularly for fathers, uncles, brothers and any other tricky-to-buy-for people in your life. All coffee is roasted freshly by us, ground to order and packed up with lots of crispy tissue paper and festive bits and bobs. The Christmas gift box smells heavenly when it's opened. £16.45 per box.

If you've got any top present tips, we'd love to hear them!

Cupsmith launches!

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Today - a gloriously sunny, Autumn day - we're delighted to announce that we've launched our new business, Cupsmith. With our mission to bring you freshly roasted coffee that's perfect for drinking at home every day, it's also our aim to encourage everyone to use a cup of coffee each day as a moment to stop, sit down and reflect on all the good things. Click here to read more about what makes us tick.

We roast all our own coffee in our lovely barn and as we set off on this exciting journey we do so with happy hearts and heaps of enthusiasm. As a new and small business we know there'll be glitches along the way, so please bear with us and do let us know if you spot something that's not right.

cupsmith launches

We look forward to sharing a cup of Cupsmith coffee with you!



Have a happy Cupsmith Christmas

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If you're starting to gently think about Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest, could we be so bold as to mention our Cupsmith Christmas Gift Pack? 

Cupsmith Christmas gift pack

We'll package up a lovely boxful of our Breakfast Coffee, Afternoon Reviver and Dippenhall Decaff, pop in a note from you, fold in some gloriously crispy tissue paper and some other lovely bits and bobs, and send it on its way by post, saving you the bother of shopping, wrapping and queueing up at the post office for hours.

Each Christmas Gift Box is £16.50 plus £3 postage & packing, and all the other lovely bits are with love from Cupsmith. 

To ensure that all coffee is the freshest ever, we'll be sending all Christmas orders out between Monday 14th and Wednesday 16th December. So please send your orders to us by then. If you'd like us to send your order before that, we'll be delighted to. Just give us a call on 01252 712630 or drop Emma an email at 

Click here to order your Christmas Gift Box.

The simple Cupsmith way to make a great cup of coffee - using your cafetière

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The coffee world tends to get terribly technical and complicated when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. In fact there are worldwide competitions to find the expert who can make the best cup of coffee using a french press, an aeropress, a V60 filter and a huge array of other coffee equipment that most of us have never heard of. But that's not the Cupsmith way of doing things. As much as we respect this level of coffee making, for us it's about drinking really brilliant coffee at home every day, and making it using things like a good old cafetiere. So we're stripped back all the technical stuff to bring to you what we think is the easiest and best way to make your coffee at home. Let us know what you think.  
illustration of a cafetiere of coffee

Boil the kettle.

Pop 4 heaped tablespoons of coffee into your cafetière.

Fill the cafetière with water. Stir.

Leave for 2 minutes (whistling nonchalently as you wait).

Stir again & put the lid on.

Wait 2 minutes (practising some stretches, stroking the dog...)

Plunge away and enjoy!
pouring a cafetiere of coffee